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TVWS Systems for Multiple Business Sectors

  • The unique characteristics of TVWS technology make it highly suitable for delivering reliable data connectivity to many vertical sectors

  • In the maritime sector, the long ranges achievable using TVWS technology bring affordable wide-area networks to operations such as ferries, port authorities, shipping, search and rescue, naval ships and operations

  • In the renewables sector, TVWS brings low cost data connectivity to onshore wind farms, and to offshore wind farms and their support vessels

  • In the rail sector, TVWS is able to accurately focus connectivity along the rail corridor and into tunnels - removing the dependence on 3G/4G

  • In the bus sector, TVWS provides targeted coverage of bus routes, especially along hard-to-reach rural routes

  • In the National Parks sector, TVWS enables park authorities to stay in touch with park rangers for rule enforcement, revenue collection and protection

  • TVWS systems are 5G-ready

  • TVWS systems are Internet of Things (IoT) ready

  • Supports Government and industry moves towards Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA)

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