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What is TVWS and how can it benefit my operation?

  • TVWS stands for Television White Spaces - these are the 'gaps' in the spectrum released during the switchover from analogue to digital TV

  • TVWS uses UHF frequencies which means the signals can propagate over large distances - several tens of kilometres (compared to several tens of metres for WiFi)

  • TVWS radios access an Ofcom-approved TVWS Database which allocates frequency channels and power levels on a dynamic basis - Dynamic Spectrum Access

  • TVWS operates in unlicensed spectrum which makes the system independent of mobile network operators (MNOs)

  • TVWS equipment costs are lower than typical 3G/4G costs

  • Speeds up to 10MBits/second are typically achievable over long distances

  • TVWS radios are designed to operate  into the 700MHz band and are therefore '5G-ready' and 'IoT-ready'

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